Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Eric Staal

"I knew it was (Phaneuf). I was either putting it in by him or hitting him with a good one."
Eric Staal on the EN goal January 19th 2015 vs TOR

This makes me mad. I don't even know where to start with this. Eric is a player I've always liked and respected but this is just classless. Doesn't he know that kids look up to him? Kids look up to every NHL player. He knows this. How can he possibly say something like this without consequence? Sure, I understand that's how he felt in the moment but you don't tell the media about it. Keep that to yourself. You can't be telling the world that you were trying to hurt someone if you didn't score. This has NO place in hockey. I understand that it was an emotional game but as a professional athlete....as the captain of an NHL team...as a human you can't let yourself get in the place where you're trying to hurt someone. 

Chris Neil

For tonight's Sens/Rangers game coach Cameron has elected to put Chris Neil back in the lineup in place of Lazar. I want to go on the record now before the game starts that this is a TERRIBLE idea. Neil has NEVER helped anything. If I was the GM I'd buy out his contract the first chance I got. Curtis Lazar needs to develop. You've already committed to him for the season so why would you sit him even for a game?